Calling the Shots with Steve and Nishat (2019)

The audio industry is changing -- and your role as a leader might well be changing with it. Making the transition from reporter to editor, from producer to executive producer, or from player to coach isn’t always easy. 

In this session from the 2019 Third Coast Conference, Steve Edwards (WBEZ) and Nishat Kurwa (Vox Media) shared their candid thoughts and experiences about the challenges of becoming leader, personally and professionally.

From leading a production team to starting your own podcast shop, they shared tips on how to make the transition successfully - while continuing to foster creativity, and staying connected to the craft. Together, they explained why the same skills that it takes to be a great audio producer are actually the foundations of becoming an outstanding leader, too.

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The 2019 Third Coast Pocket Conference season was co-produced by Neroli Price and Isabel Vázquez.

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