Advice for International Applicants (Ep. 351)

The LSAT is first and foremost a test of English reading comprehension. Strong English reading and reasoning skills are essential because lawyers in the United States are gladiators of the English language. While the LSAT is learnable for everyone, non-native English speakers may face more of an uphill battle. Today on the show, Nathan and Ben offer advice to an international student who describes his lack of proficiency in English as a barrier to achieving his desired LSAT score. In keeping with the international theme, the guys answer another listener’s questions about law school scholarships for international applicants. They also discuss whether an applicant ought to write an addendum explaining an F on their transcript. But first, the guys revisit their analysis of the index formulas discussed in previous episodes.

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Important Dates

5:45 - Weight of LSAT vs. GPA in Admissions Formulas

43:17 - Prepping for the LSAT as an International Student

55:55 - Applying to Law School as an International Student

1:01:19 - An Addendum for an F?

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