Lawyers Are Professional Students (Ep. 354)

Before embarking on a career as an attorney, it’s important to understand what lawyers actually do. Lawyers work long hours hitting the books, doing research, presenting cases, and writing briefs. In a way, lawyers are professional students. Today on the show, Ben and Nathan advise listeners who don’t love school to think carefully about whether lawyering is the right path for them. The guys also review a Pearls vs. Turds submission about creating your own logic games. They share their opinions on JD-MBA programs. And they wrap up the show by sharing their own law school experiences and laughing at a recruitment email sent by a law school.

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7:19 - Pearls vs. Turds

15:29 - LSAT Demon

51:11 - JD-MBAs and the GI Bill

1:03:25 - Becoming a Prosecutor

1:09:10 - Applying in June?

1:18:06 - Ben’s and Nathan’s Law School Experiences

1:29:36 - Letters of Recommendation

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