The LSAT Will Tell You What You Suck At (Ep. 353)

To improve your LSAT score, you must learn from your mistakes. Take a practice test, and the LSAT will show you exactly what you need to work on—the questions that you got wrong. Review each missed question until you fully understand it and can avoid making the same mistake again. On today’s episode, the Ben and Nathan explain why focusing on individual questions is the key to progress. Analyzing patterns or journaling about wrong answers is generally a waste of time.

The guys also crush another Logical Reasoning question from PrepTest 73, offer guidance to a listener who is on a quest to score 180, and share an inspiring email from a Demon student who postponed law school to push for a better LSAT score. Plus, Demon teachers and rising 3L’s Matt and Becca discuss how the LSAT prepares you for law school.

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04:51 - Test 73, Section 4, Question 13

21:32 - Don’t Shoot for 180

44:10 - Scholarship Estimator

51:42 - Breaking 150 and Beyond

59:36 - Does the LSAT Prepare You for Law School?

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