The Demon Way (Ep. 356)

If you want to master the LSAT the easy way, ditch the dogma and let the Demon be your guide. On this week’s episode, the guys welcome questions from new listeners and provide a full explanation of the Demon’s approach to the LSAT. But first, a Demon student who is legally blind describes how he learned to tackle Logic Games without the use of visual diagrams. Ben and Nathan then offer two listeners advice on whether and how to write GPA addendums. They discuss the proper way to review Reading Comprehension sections. And finally, they veto a listener’s suggested study schedule and recommend an alternative plan.

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2:42 - A Legally Blind Perspective on Logic Games

22:34 - A Super Splitter

26:39 - Some General LSAT Advice

29:57 - Reviewing Reading Comprehension

35:40 - The Demon Way

46:13 - GPA Addendum

50:46 - Study Schedule

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