Burn Your Boats, and Focus on the Battle Ahead (Ep. 332)

On today’s episode, Ben and Nathan explain why it’s a good idea to “burn your boats” and go all in on your LSAT prep if you want to start your legal career on the right foot. They respond to listener emails, talk about the difference between US and Canadian law schools, and double down on their advice not to pay for law school in the US. Then, they wrap it up with a logical reasoning question and remind listeners that one word never makes an answer right—but frequently, one word makes an answer wrong.

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Important Dates

1.14.2022 — January LSAT begins

2.2.2022 — January LSAT scores released

2.3.2022 — March LSAT registration deadline

2.12.2022 — February LSAT begins

3.3.2022 — February LSAT scores released

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