Are Older Logic Games Harder? (Ep. 321)

More admissions questions have been rolling in, so Ben and Nathan kick off today’s show by diving into the mailbag. They answer questions about logic games and discuss how their difficulty has changed over the history of the test. They also offer some encouragement to low-GPA applicants. Later, they take on a Necessary Assumption question that they deem a true five-star question, and they announce the arrival of Demon dark mode.

2:55 - Are Older Logic Games Harder?

Listener Shannon wants to know if the older logic games (specifically, those on tests 1–50) are harder than those on newer tests. Ben believes that the games became easier starting around test 40. They were more difficult on tests released before then. Nathan adds to this by discussing the newest logic games section to be released. All four games on test 92 were very easy. The guys encourage Shannon to practice games from all tests no matter when they were released, especially if she is not yet scoring 100% on the logic games. They remind listeners that if you do the work, you can learn to solve logic games and get that perfect score.

23:05 - Low GPAs

Three listeners share their concerns about applying to law school with a less-than-stellar undergraduate GPA. Nathan starts by reading an email from Sean, who expresses frustration with how LSAC has calculated his cumulative GPA. He is wondering if he should apply early decision to boost his chance of being admitted. He also questions how much a GPA addendum would actually affect his application.

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