Don't Let Your Obstacles Define You (Ep. 357)

Admissions season is almost here, and listener questions are rolling in. On this week’s episode, Ben and Nathan advise a student on whether to make her battle with cancer the topic of her law school personal statement. But first, they evaluate a listener’s Reading Comprehension tip as a pearl or turd. They share their thoughts on online education and consider the pros and cons of attending a non-ABA law school. Plus, they answer questions about LSAT study schedules, testing accommodations, letters of recommendation, and more!

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5:05 - Testing Accommodations

10:26 - Pearls vs. Turds

14:56 - Book Recommendations and Lies

19:15 - Non-ABA Law Schools

23:00 - Raising Practice Test Scores

27:38 - Letters of Recommendation

31:23 - Skipping the Bar Exam

34:50 - Online Law School

40:25 - Don’t Let Your Obstacles Define You

45:40 - Study Schedule Advice

52:48 - Changing Careers

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