How You Study Matters More (Ep. 347)

Effective LSAT study requires more than just a time commitment. This week, Ben and Nathan emphasize that how you study for the LSAT matters more: More than the length of time you spend studying. More than the number of questions you cover. And more than any distracting analysis of whether the LSAT has gotten harder over the years (it hasn’t). The guys also answer listener questions about skipping answer choices to save time on the LSAT, making sense of law school scholarship variations, and more. Plus, they announce a Demon discount for university pre-law societies and roast a marketing email from a law school.

Attention, day-1 listeners: The guys are interviewing Derek Brainard, the national director of financial education at AccessLex, tomorrow (April 26). Submit any questions you have about financing law school to today.

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Important Dates

4.27.2022 — June LSAT registration deadline

4.29.2022 — April LSAT begins

5.18.2022 — April LSAT scores released

6.10.2022 — June LSAT begins

6:38 - Test 73, Section 4, Question 9

31:29 - Eliminating Wrong Answers

41:47 - Has RC Gotten Harder?

47:02 - Pre-Law Society Offer

48:17 - How You Study Matters More

57:20 - Scholarship Estimator and Law School Rankings

1:10:36 - Law School Advertisements

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