The LSAT Is Here to Stay (Ep. 350)

Law schools love the LSAT. Most weigh it far more heavily than any other application component—and with good reason: The LSAT is the single most accurate predictor of law school success. The ABA has recently announced a recommendation to allow “test optional” policies for law school admission. Ben and Nathan share their thoughts and explain why the LSAT isn’t going anywhere. Then, the guys pick apart a Pearls vs. Turds candidate and hear from a listener who successfully appealed LSAC’s three-tests-per-cycle rule. They wrap up with a Supported question from PrepTest 73.

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Important Dates

5.18.2022 — April LSAT scores released

6.10.2022 — June LSAT begins

6.28.2022 — August LSAT registration deadline

6.30.2022 — June LSAT scores released

8.12.2022 — August LSAT begins

8:02 - Is the ABA Eliminating the LSAT?

34:56 - Pearls vs Turds

41:40 - Test Taking Limits

46:57 - Test 73, Section 4, Question 12

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