Secure Your Oxygen Mask First (Ep. 359)

If you want to help others, you need to take care of yourself first. On today’s episode, Ben and Nathan advise a listener to focus on helping herself before becoming a non-profit family law attorney. Doing so will ultimately put her in a better position to help others. The guys give another listener tips on how to ease test-day anxiety. They discuss the benefits of taking a gap year—or several—before law school. Plus, they talk about part-time lawyering and the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Finally, they share a thoughtful note from LSAT Demon tutor and rising 3L Matt, who will be graduating from law school without a penny of debt.

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5:15 - Test Day Anxiety

17:32 - Summer Associate Season

20:23 - When Should I Apply?

28:13 - GPA and Admissions Questions

49:26 - Part-Time Lawyer

1:00:13 - Graduating from Law School Debt Free

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