Don’t Die with Your Debt (Ep. 360)

Law school can leave you with a lifetime of debt if you aren’t careful. On today’s episode, Nathan and Ben discuss a cautionary tale of a recent law school graduate who is $347k in student debt and can’t find a job. He thought that attending law school would set him up for a comfortable future. Instead, he’ll likely be in debt for the rest of his life. The guys implore listeners not to make the same mistake. Don’t pay for law school. They also answer a full mailbag of listener questions about how to structure your study schedule, whether testing accommodations are fair, and how high-scoring students achieve a deeper understanding of the LSAT.

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4:16 - Pearls vs. Turds

9:23 - Ideal Implementation Granularity

13:00 - Advice for High-Scoring Students

21:11 - Are Accommodations Fair?

28:06 - Balancing a Study Schedule

37:58 - Tautology

40:00 - Advice for Non-Native English Speakers

46:26 - Value Zero

56:47 - From 157 to 180

58:11 - Stuck in the 150s

1:05:24 - Can I Improve by 40+ points?

1:13:16 - Don’t Expect Law School to Be Interesting

1:19:28 - Unemployed and $347k in Debt

1:24:40 - Some Friendly Bad Advice

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