LSAT Dwarfs GPA in Admissions Formulas (Ep. 349)

The LSAT is arguably the best predictor of your success in law school. It’s no wonder that law schools weigh the LSAT heavily in the admissions process. But just how much weight is an applicant’s LSAT score given relative to their UGPA? Nathan and Ben analyze the index formulas used by law schools and share a surprising realization. But first, the guys kick off the show with some stories of ProctorU mishaps from the April LSAT. They critique a listener’s study schedule and discuss the nature of 1L writing assignments. Finally, they respond to some questions that circulated after Derek Brainard’s appearance on episode 348.

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Important Dates

5.18.2022 — April LSAT scores released

6.10.2022 — June LSAT begins

6.28.2022 — August LSAT registration deadline

6.30.2022 — June LSAT scores released

8.12.2022 — August LSAT begins

3:44 - ProctorU Mishaps

23:20 - LSAT Study Schedule

33:35 - Writing Consulting

37:40 - GPA vs. LSAT

1:02:56 - A Shout-Out to Demon Student Ryan

1:04:26 - Follow-Up Questions From Episode 348

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