UK Party Politics - Victoriana

The Great Reform act transformed politics and parties in the UK - and Victoria's reign was the stage for one of the great political rivalries - Gladstone and Disraeli

  • 1832: The Reform Act of 1832 expands the electorate, giving more men the right to vote.
  • 1867: The Second Reform Act expands the electorate further, giving many working-class men the right to vote.
  • 1885: The Liberal Party, led by William Ewart Gladstone, wins a general election.
  • 1886: The Irish Home Rule Bill is introduced, but it fails to pass.
  • 1892: The Liberal Party, led by Gladstone, wins another general election.
  • 1895: The Conservative Party, led by Lord Salisbury, wins a general election.
  • 1906: The Liberal Party, led by Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, wins a landslide victory in a general election.

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