Season 6 - Episode 6

One of the men reached into his pocket to get out the money to pay. He pawed at a wedge of £10 notes. The cashier noticed a large gold ring on one of his fingers and saw what she thought was blood above his knuckles. Maybe he had been fighting? The cashier then glanced up. There was no break in their polite conversation. The customer had not noticed her looking, or perhaps the shopper did not even know his hand was bloody...



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Court documents and information from the following news organisations and magazines were referenced in this episode: Grimsby Evening Telegraph, Evening Telegraph, Derby Daily Telegraph, BBC News and Real Life Crimes And How They Were Solved Magazine.

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Illuminate by Chelsea McGough

Up Above by Chelsea McGough 

If The Light Fades by Birds of Norway

Life’s Mystery by Moments

Nuclear Conception by Alice In Winter 

Bio by Lincoln Davis 

Stygian by Hill 

Exclusion Zone by Hill 

Retention by Lincoln Davis

Darker Days by Alternate Endings


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