Season 6 - Episode 26

The high pitched sound of the home telephone echoed through the Neailey household. Liz Neailey answered. Someone from her son's school was on the other end of the line. It was June 5, 1998. The staff member told Liz her son, Wesley, had not been feeling well and needed to come home… 



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Court documents, books and information from the following news organisations were referenced in this episode: Chronicle Live, BBC News, The Sun, Telegraph, The Guardian, Northern Echo, Irish Times, Herald Scotland, Daily Mail, Aberdeen Evening Express, Aberdeen Press and Journal, Irish Independent, Birmingham Mail, The Sun, The Scotsman, Durham County Publications and The Sunday Mirror.

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Azure by Alice In Winter

The Last by Wild Wonder 

Reverencia by Alice In Winter

In Reverse by Wild Wonder

Wilderness by Wild Wonder

Sleep by Stephen Keech

Sussex by Stephen Keech 

Endgame by Alice In Winter 

The Part Where They Love Each Other by Stephen Keech 

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Fable by Stephen Keech

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