Season 6 - Episode 11

An 18-year-old student goes missing after a night out clubbing. Almost a week would elapse before his body was discovered in a river eight miles from where he was last seen being chased by a gang of youths. Arrests were made, and a trial date was set. But why did he die?…



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Court documents and information from the following news organisations and magazines were referenced in this episode: THE GUARDIAN, EVENING STANDARD, DAILY MIRROR, ABERDEEN PRESS AND JOURNAL, ABERDEEN EVENING EXPRESS, BBC NEWS

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Brenner by Falls

Transit by Chelsea McGough

Onward by Chelsea McGough

Gravity by Caleb Etheridge

Taped by Acreage

Out Into Nothing by Stephen Keech

Colony by Wicked Cinema

Jun by Kevin Graham

Sacred Ground by Falls

Endgame by Alice In Winter

Foretold by Shimmer

Detection by Makenna Susan

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