Season 5 - Episode 8

"We have seen cases where young people have been groomed online, but it is rare for it to culminate in such a dreadful and violent murder. The degree of planning and manipulation by Daynes is shocking, and when you consider the young ages of perpetrator and victim, it stands out as one of the most cruel, violent and unusual cases we have dealt with"

— Chief Crown Prosecutor Jenny Hopkins, outside Chelmsford Crown Court, January 2015



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COURT DOCUMENTS and information from the following news organisations were referenced in this episode: ITV NEWS, TELEGRAPH, DAILY MAIL, MIRROR, INDEPENDENT, BBC NEWS, GUARDIAN, SKY NEWS and BASILDON / CANVEY / SOUTHEND NEWS. 


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Verve by Benjamin Martins

Realization of a New Earth by I Think I Can Help You

Vitality by Benjamin Martins

To Have to in Least Water by pATCHES

The Bardo by I Think I Can Help You

Because For Everything There Is Someone by pATCHES

The Hungry Ghost by I Think I Can Help You

Implications of the Drake Equation by I Think I Can Help You

Mer Ka Ba by Jesse Gallagher

The Temple of The Mind by I Think I Can Help You

Imagine A New Darker You by The Tower of Light

At the Foot of the Sphinx by Twin Musicom

Dreamer by DivKid

Stillness by Futuremono

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