Season 5 - Episode 5

"People have this picture of me which is completely inaccurate, and I don't see how I am ever going to get around this problem. I don't think I would describe myself as a conman, or King Con Man or King of the Swindlers, as the newspapers call me. I'm someone who lied about myself and my status. It made me forget what the reality was, and for me, it was a way of escaping. It always has been"

— Paul Bint, Southwark Crown Court, 2009 (Part 1 of 2).



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Badlands by ELPHNT

Land on the Golden Gate by Chris Zabriskie

Take Off and Shoot a Zero by Chris Zabriskie

Fly Inverted Past a Jenny by Chris Zabriskie

There Are Many Different Kinds of Love by Chris Zabriskie

Divider by Chris Zabriskie

The Dark Glow of the Mountains by Chris Zabriskie

Flecks of Light by The Tower of Light

Dream Escape by The Tides

Stuck In The Air by The Tower of Light

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