Season 5 - Episode 18

Halloween is supposed to be the creepiest time of the year; the nights draw in early, and scary stories are told. When it’s a true story, and the murder is unsolved, it's even more unsettling. The killer could be someone you know, a person in your family or a kindly neighbour. On October 31, 1963, the night sky was illuminated by a full moon. Two children noticed a woman peering out of a window in her home. They didn't know it would be the last time she was seen alive…



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Court documents and information from the following news organisations were referenced in this episode: Birmingham Daily Post, Newcastle Journal, Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail, Newcastle Evening Chronicle, Shields Daily News, Newcastle Journal, Liverpool Echo, Daily Herald, Belfast Telegraph and Chronicle Live.


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Possessed Doll by Purple Planet

Crystal Waters by Purple Planet

Desolation by Purple Planet

Wrong Turn by Purple Planet

Nightmare by Purple Planet

Chimera by Purple Planet

Paranoia by Purple Planet

Shifting Sands by Purple Planet

Executor by Purple Planet

Insidious by Purple Planet

Ambuscade by Purple Planet

Entombed by Purple Planet

Space Journey by Purple Planet

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