Season 5 - Episode 16

In a photograph of the couple on their wedding day, widely circulated in the press, Roselane can be seen looking into the camera with a broad natural smile on her face. The groom is staring to the side, teeth together with a strained smile. Sokol Drenova was hiding something…



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Court documents and information from the following news organisations were referenced in this episode: BBC NEWS, THE GUARDIAN, MIRROR, SKY NEWS, INDEPENDENT, DAILY MAIL, ITV, KILBURN TIMES, WALES ONLINE and EXPRESS.


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A Fever by Devon Church

Little Drunk, Quiet Floats by Puddle of Infinity

Voices in My Head by Quincas Moreira

Nocturnally by Amulets

Eternal Garden by Dan Henig

In The Void by Amulets

Serious by The Tower of Light

Decision by The Tower of Light

The Six Realms by I Think I Can Help You

Under The Rug by Density & Time

Because For Everything There Is Someone by pATCHES

Resolver by Amulets

Hostile Planet by Quincas Moreira

Nebular Focus by Dan Henig

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