Season 5 - Episode 1

A highly volatile former nightclub doorman is released from prison. He is in a jealous rage. The carnage that followed saw one person dead, and two left with life-threatening injuries. The attacks would spur one of the biggest manhunts the UK had ever seen culminating in a stand-off that resulted in yet another life being taken... (Part 1 of 2). 




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COURT DOCUMENTS and information from the following news organisations and books were referenced in this episode: TELEGRAPH, DAILY RECORD, BBC NEWS, THE GUARDIAN, CHRONICLE LIVE, SKY NEWS, ITV NEWS, INDEPENDENT, CHANNEL 4 NEWS, EXPRESS, ‘Tango 190: The David Rathband Story’ by PC David Rathband and ‘Raoul Moat: His Short Life and Bloody Death’ by Vanessa Howard. 


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Drizzle to Downpour by Silent Partner

Maestro Tlakaelel by Jesse Gallagher

Decay by Kevin MacLeod

The Anunnaki Return by Jesse Gallagher

Elk by Meydän

Haunting Dreams by Twin Musicom

Resolver by Amulets

Verve by Benjamin Martins

Crimson by Sextile

Away by Meydän

Atlantis by Audionautix

The Inner Sound by Jesse Gallagher

Please wake up by Meydän

Growing Space by Astron

Lost In The Forest by Doug Maxwell / Media Right Productions

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