Season 6 - Episode 47

Two men hiding their faces in balaclavas showed up at a property on Ninian Road in Cardiff and forced their way inside. It was just after half-past one on the afternoon of Sunday, April 11, 2010…. (Part 1 of 2).



This episode was researched and written by Eileen Macfarlane

Script editing, additional writing, illustrations and production direction by Rosanna Fitton

Narration, editing, and production direction by Benjamin Fitton

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Hold this Place by Alice In Winter 

Vanished by Wicked Cinema 

Onward by Chelsea McGough 

Boreal Forests by Gold Coast 

Believe In Me by Moments 

Don’t Let Go by Alice In Winter 

Woven by Alice In Winter 

No Empty Dream by Marie 

Gravity by Caleb Etheridge 

Things Gone Wrong by Moments 

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