On this episode of They Walk Among America… December 15th, 2000. During the early morning, Sedgwick County 911 received an alarming call from a man who told them he had just found a young woman on his porch who was naked, bleeding, and begging for help. The woman relayed a horrifying story to the dispatchers. She told them she had been shot in the head, and that four of her friends had been executed at a soccer field near Greenwich Road, Wichita… 


‘They Walk Among America’ is a Law & Crime podcast network production.

This episode was hosted by Nina Innsted.

Researched and written by Eileen Macfarlane.

Editing and scoring by Kory Hilpmann

Script editing, additional writing and production direction by Rosanna and Benjamin Fitton.


Things Gone Wrong by Moments

The Maze by Material Gurl

Death in the Grid by Midnight Noir

Nuclear Conception by Alice in Winter

Tracker by Wicked Cinema

Berlin Sequence by Tide Electric

A Most Sinister Kind by Dresden The Flamingo

The Curse by Wicked Cinema

Not Alone by Moments

Aurora by Featherland

Stygian by Hill

Lonely by Anthony Catacoli

Mutual I'm Sure by Fleece Mob

Sunset by Hale

Changing by Outside The Sky

Moonchild by Elision

The Birth of a Planet by Falls

Along The Danube by Chelsea McGough

Additional musical compositions by Kory Hilpmann.

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