Bad Science

On this episode of They Walk Among America… There is nothing more terrifying for a parent than watching your child become critically unwell and knowing there is nothing you can do to help them. We hand our children over to doctors and trust that they know how to treat whatever is making the child sick. It’s important that doctors report any suspected abuse to the authorities, but what if their judgement is based on inaccuracies? To lose a child is an unthinkable tragedy, and to be accused of causing their death is another… 


‘They Walk Among America’ is a Law & Crime podcast network production.

This episode was hosted by Nina Innsted.

Researched and written by Emily G. Thompson.

Editing and scoring by Kory Hilpmann

Script editing, additional writing and production direction by Rosanna and Benjamin Fitton.


Shadow Passage by Cody Martin

As Fate Would Have It by Wicked Cinema

Endless Night by Moments

Lord of the Dead by CJ-0

Pushing Limits by Sweet Sammy

Constant Surveillance by JCar

The Search by CJ-0

Those Lost by Moments

Additional musical compositions by Kory Hilpmann.

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