The Wire: Stripped Season 3 News!

Hi guys Dave and Kobi here with some exciting news about Season 3 of The Wire Stripped with a very special guest Clarke Peters AKA Lester Freamon aka Cool Lester Smooth.

The Wire Stripped has been taking longer than we anticipated to come out partly because we've been working on an EXCLUSIVE new podcast for Spotify called "His Darker Materials". It's a companion podcast to the HBO / BBC Show "His Dark Materials" which starts on Sunday 3rd November in UK and Monday 4th November in US and HBO worldwide.

Fans of "The Wire" and "The Wire Stripped" will be pleased to see Clarke Peters both on the TV Show and on the Podcast.

Subscribe now to His Darker Materials on Spotify Only with this link. If you haven't got Spotify don't worry - it's free!

We promise that Season 3 of The Wire Stripped will follow shortly after :-)


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