The White Vault: Summit

A young couple living in Rio de Janeiro gets a call from work; They've won an all expense paid trip to hike Patagonia and they don't know what awaits them in those lofty heights.
Written by K.A. Statz
Produced, Edited, with Sound Design by Travis Vengroff
Mixed & Mastered by Brandon Strader
Portuguese Translations by Danilo Battistini, French Translations by Karin Heimdahl

Tessa Bouchard – Karin Heimdahl
Lucas Criado - Danilo Battistini
Liam Bouchard – Jeff Clement

“Unsealed"– Arranged and Performed by Brandon Boone
Cover Art by Kessi Riliniki

This is a Fool and Scholar Production. We are a two person creative team and we can only create this show because of fan support!
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