The White Vault: Acquisition

Stashed away in the streets of Paris, an illegal artifact auction house auctions off unique pieces to the highest bidder. Tonight a journal is up for grabs.

The White Vault will return in October 2018 for Season 2! We'll be posting regular updates on our Patreon.

During the break we'll be working on the Liberty Podcast.



Written by K.A. Statz

Produced with Sound Design by Travis Vengroff & Sarah Buchynski

Mixed by Sarah Buchynski



Frenchman – Zachary Fortais-Gomm

Auctioneer - Pete Lutz

Woman – Maryse Awad

Attendant – Carolyn Saint-Pé

Sales Associate & Violet Man - Karim Kronfli


French Translations by Maryse Awad

Music by Travis Vengroff

Cover Art by Kessi Riliniki

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