275 Captain Marvel is...

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It’s Captain Marvel week, the first MCU movie for 2019. We get right into that plus the death of Luke Perry, Shazam early reactions, trailers for Brightburn and Game Of Thrones Season 8, The Suicide Squad gets a new Deadshot and lineup, updates for Bond 26 and Sonic plus the end of Arrow. Thanks for listening and the ongoing support.

0:00 The Start Of The Podcast

0:40 RIP Luke Perry

4:57 Shazam early reactions

10:11 Deadshot recast & new Suicide Squad line up

18:25 Arrow coming to an end

20:22 Game Of Thrones S8 trailer

26:16 Bond 25 update

33:14 Brightburn trailer 2

37:04 Sonic (looks bad)

43:07 Captain Marvel (Spoilers 1:07:16 - )

1:24:02 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:30:29 Letters It’s Time For Letters

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