228 Ready Player One is...

Hey April fools and also new episode. We get stuck right into Ready Player One as well as news on Jurassic World 3, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman 2, X-Men movies being pushed back, more info on the cancelled Deadpool tv series and moooooore. Thanks for listening!

Just Make The Thing: https://t.co/YK0Rpv6KvI

Ready Player One Easter Eggs: https://t.co/mw1hrrZ64C

0:00 The Start

4:53 Jurassic World 3

7:54 Captain Marvel casting

15:52 Wonder Woman 2

17:00 X-Men films pushed back

23:16 Uwe Boll is a moron

33:22 Fantastic Four back!

39:34 Cancelled Deadpool series

43:02 Rom Space Knight movie

47:49 Ready Player One Review Non Spoilers

1:11:53 Ready Player One Review Spoilers

1:38:34 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:42:44 Letters It’s Time For Letters

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