263 Daredevil Cancelled & Creed 2

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Good gravy everyone it’s time for a podcast. We get into Creed 2 plus Captain Marvel reveals and the upcoming Avengers 4. Plus the return of Captain America, Cowboy Bebop being adapted, Daredevil cancelled, The Mandalorian casting, Blue Beetle, Into The Spider-verse sequels and some more things! Thanks for listening.

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0:00 The Start

2:17 Captain Marvel reveal (2:17-7:42)

7:42 Avengers 4 trailer

10:14 Captain America not finished

14:35 Cowboy Bebop live action

17:12 Daredevil cancelled

20:56 Nick Nolte joins The Mandalorian

23:45 Console Wars series

26:17 Blue Beetle and Zatanna movie rumoured

34:40 Blade Runner anime

41:54 Into The Spider-Verse sequels

40:19 Creed 2 (spoilers 58:15 - 1:13:01)

40:19 Creed 2 (spoilers 58:15 - 1:13:01)

1:13:01 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:17:30 Letters It’s Time For Letters

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