272 Alita: Battle Angel is...

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Alita: Battle Angels is in cinema the world over as in all over the world so let’s talk about that movie. Plus an update regarding the Loki TV series, the cursed Aladdin trailer, updates regarding Ben Affleck’s Batman, The Suicide Squad, Batman Ninja Turtles, Breaking Bad the movie, trailers for Frozen 2 and Yesterday, Dune casting, a slew of new Marvel animated shows and Star Wars 9 update.

0:00 The Start Of The Podcast

2:31 Loki TV update

8:09 Aladdin nightmare

12:05 Ben Affleck Batman details

15:51 Harley Quinn movies

18:36 Batman Ninja Turtles

19:41 Breaking Bad the movie

23:30 Frozen 2 trailer

26:23 Dune/June casting

31:00 Yesterday trailer

37:26 Marvel Animated series

39:02 Star Wars 9 Wraps

46:43 Alita: Battle Angel (Spoilers 1:04:05 - 1:12:10)

1:12:10 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:16:14 Letters It’s Time For Letters

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