274 Dark Phoenix & Hellboy trailers

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It’s a big ol’ news week with trailers for Detective Pikachu, Hellboy, Dark Phoenix, plus updates concerning Black Widow, The Eternals, Bond villains, Ghostbusters 3 casting, a new Bond villain, rotten tomatoes controversy, the Oscars, Spielberg hates Netflix of whatevs and DC updates galore! Thanks for listening.

0:00 The Start

1:42 The Future Of DC

7:01 Will Smith out as Deadshot

15:24 The Batman Villains

19:47 Aquaman 2 release date

22:59 Rotten Tomatoes and who cares

26:45 Viewmaster The Movie

38:35 32:36 Dark Phoenix trailer

46:23 X-Men Ghost School

51:29 Black Widow not R rated

52:03 Hellboy trailer 2

55:36 The Eternals movie update

59:01 Gremlins animated series

1:00:15 Detective Pikachu trailer 2

1:01:41 Ghostbusters 3 casting

1:04:21 New Bond Villain

1:10:55 The Oscars 2019

1:14:10 Spielberg hates streaming somewhat

1:33:55 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:43:04 Letters It’s Time For Letters

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