222 Black Panther is...

It’s a big week for Black Panther which means it’s a good time to talk about Black Panther.

Plus a new Incredible’s 2 trailer, a Kung Fury movie sequel, Ready Player One, rebooting Tranformers, a mystery X-Men film, Willy Wonka getting a prequel and Call of Duty THE MOVIE. Thanks for listening!

Black Panther Easter Eggs: https://t.co/3zurwmOJtp

0:00 The start of the show

3:48 Incredible 2 trailer

9:38 Kung Fury sequel

13:33 Ready Player One trailer

18:32 Willy Wonka prequel

25:14 Transformers reboot

33:52 Call of Duty movie

37:19 Mystery X-Men film

43:51 Black Panther spoiler free review

1:06:22 Black Panther spoiler review

1:29:19 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:33:02 Letters It’s Time For Letters

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