517 Dune: Part Two

Wow. Movies are good again with the release of Dune: Part II. But before we get to the release of that we talk the news of the week including an official title change and reveal for Superman Legacy, a first look at both The Crow and Tron: Ares, Neuromancer comes to Apple+, The Willy Wonka Experience, plus trailers for The Watchers and Horizon Saga: An American Kevin Costner Cowboy story. Thanks for listening

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00:00 The Start

02:06 New Superman Movie Changes

12:11 The Crow Reboot First Look

17:22 Tron: Ares First Look

21:04 Neuromancer Apple+ Series

23:55 The Willy Wonka Experience

28:06 The Watchers Trailer

30:08 Horizon Saga Trailer

35:09 Dune: Part Two Review (spoilers 54:40 to 01:04:40)

01:04:40 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read

01:16:48 Letters, It’s Time For Letters

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