418 The Best & Worst of 2021

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Look we've been putting it off for long enough, it's Snake Eyes review time. We get into it right after the Best & The Worst in entertainment in 2021. Thanks for all the support in 2021!

James chatting Book of Boba Fett with Star Wars Explained: https://youtu.be/UtP7eqwcoRM

Best/Worst of the Year Awards Survey https://forms.gle/8aFShmP9tmSo7s317

00:00 The Start

05:13 Betty White RIP

06:26 The Rock vs Vin Diesel

14:09 The Batman Trailer

16:50 No More Matrix

23:04 Tom Holland Big Dollars

28:50 DCEU Huge Changes


38:35 Best & Worst of 2021 Awards

39:41 Best Marvel Series

44:06 Best MCU Property

46:06 Best DCEU Property

47:23 Best Comic Book Movie

49:04 Best Comic Book Movie Ever

49:23 Best Comic Book Villain

53:59 Best Podcast Credits

56:47 The Game is on

01:04:04 Best Hair or Wig

01:07:24 Worst Hair or Wig

01:10:28 Best Animated Movie

01:13:13 Best Horror Movie

01:16:22 Best Video Game Adaptation Thing

01:17:49 Best Video Game

01:21:04 Best Movie Trailer

01:23:33 Best Streaming Service

01:28:13 Favourite Caravan of Garbage Series

01:30:31 Best Series Ever

01:36:19 Most Anticipated Series of 2022

01:39:28 The 'Find and Replace' Award


01:42:00 Worst Movie Ever

01:49:05 Just a Movie

01:52:17 Best Movie Ever

01:56:46 Most Anticipated Movie of 2022


02:03:28 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read

02:08:52 Letters, It's Time For Letters

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