411 Disney Plus Day & No Time To Die

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This week we get stuck into all the big reveals from Disney Plus Day including Obi Wan Kenobi, She/Hulk and more. Plus we finally all take the time to die with our No Time To Die review. All time codes in the description.

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00:00 The Start

06:23 Delays But Don’t Dismays

08:47 MGM Bidding War

11:52 Vin Diesel’s Letter to The Rock

16:08 Squid Game Season Two

19:15 Spider-Man: No Way Home

21:36 Dr Strange Sequel Reshoots

23:24 Disney Plus Day Breakdown

24:31 Prey, Predator Prequel

25:28 Ghostbusters 2016

27:30 Spider-Man: Freshman Year

28:20 Kenobi Series Teaser

29:59 X-Men Animated Returns

32:58 Echo, Ironheart, Agatha: House of Harkness

33:22 Marvel Zombies, What If Season 2, I Am Groot

34:46 Secret Invasion First Look

33:57 Ms Marvel Delayed

34:06 Moon Knight Teaser

34:45 She Hulk Teaser

35:32 Ice Age 6

36:02 Cars on the Road

38:33 No Time To Die Review (spoilers 01:00:37 to 01:14:48)

01:14:48 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read

01:19:55 Letters, It’s Time For Letters

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