356 The Boys Season 2

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This episode is brought to you by the CJ The X album BE PERFECT OR DIE

The Boys Season 2 has come to an end and we couldn’t have thought of a better time to cover it than this exact point in time whenever you’re reading this. We also talk trailers for Free Guy, Fatman and Invincible, Doctor Strange in Spider-Man 3 (eventually), a new shared universe for Sherlock, more delays (but don’t dismay) with some move ups, Resident Evil gets cast, Tom Cruise is on a train plus a Mr Freeze solo flick. Thanks for listening!

00:00 The Start

05:02 More Movie Delays

07:46 Movie Dates Moved Up

12:23 Resident Evil Reboot Cast

15:24 Glow Cancelled

18:29 Free Guy Trailer

22:57 Fatman Trailer

25:12 Tom Cruise on a Train

31:00 Invincible Trailer

33:43 Sherlock Holmes Shared Universe

43:03 Mr Freeze Solo Movie

46:20 The Boys Season Two Spoiler Review

01:11:52 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read

01:18:21 Letters, It’s Time For Letters (and Dr Strange in Spider-Man 3)

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