314 Black Widow Trailer

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Black Widow trailer breakdown ► https://bit.ly/2qfxW2L

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Huge week for trailers! Too big. With Wonder Woman 84 (which we skip), Black Widow, Mulan, No Time To Die, Free Guy and The Boys Season 2. Plus more news on #ReleaseTheSnyderCut, more Marvel reveals at #CCXP19, more Aladdin and Planet Of The Apes and an R rated Venom 2 probably. Thanks for listening.

0:00 The Start

1:42 The Batman casting

6:08 Venom 2 R Rated

10:30 Marvel reveals at #CCXP19

14:19 Ghostbusters 3 poster, trailer soon

16:20 Aladdin spin-off

19:29 Planet Of The Apes reboot

26:04 Mulan trailer

30:13 No Time To Die trailer

37:47 Free Guy

41:17 The Boys Season 2 trailer

46:49 Black Widow trailer

54:04 More #ReleaseTheSnyderCut

56:32 Wonder Woman trailer

57:34 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

Who Watches The Watchmen & so forth (57:34 - 1:05:55)

Who Watches The Mandalorian & so forth (1:05:55 - 1:09:38)

1:13:03 Letters It’s Time For Letters

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