294 Comic Con 2019 & Wooo

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It’s Comic Con so woooo! Marvel’s Phase 4 slate has been revealed including Thor Love & Thunder, Shang Chi, WandaVisio, Blade and so on and so forth. Always there’s trailers for Cats, The Kings Man, It Chapter 2, Picard, Watchmen, Top Gun Maverick, Jay & Silent Bob, The Witcher, Snowpiercer, Westworld and probably another. ALSO. Endgame breaks a world record and Terminator something. Thanks for listening.

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0:00 The Start

5:30 Endgame breaks record

6:51 The Kings Man trailer

9:50 It Chapter 2 trailer 2

13:36 Picard trailer

20:12 Terminator Dark Fate featurette

24:06 Brandon Routh reprises Superman

27:07 Akira not happening

29:29 Watchmen trailer

33:08 Doom Patrol renewed

34:00 Cats trailer

39:24 Top Gun: Loser trailer

44:52 Jay & Silent Bob Reboot trailer

47:35 Star Wars news!

50:45 The Witcher trailer

51:54 Snowpiercer trailer

53:55 Westworld trailer

57:15 The Walking Dead movies

1:01:17 Marvel Phase 4

1:42:48 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:47:39 Letters It’s Time For Letters

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