289 MIB International & Black Mirror Season 5

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Hello! And welcome to the episode where we talk about both Men In Black International and Black Mirror Season 5. Plus news of the worst prank show, the original ending for Dark Phoenix, Marvel’s new Avengers game at E3, trailers for both Frozen 2 and Doctor Sleep as well as some new casting for the MCU. One is a HOT SCOOP sort of. Thanks for listening.

0:00 The Start

0:51 The Worst Prank Show

4:40 The original Dark Phoenix ending

10:11 Marvel & E3

16:30 Doctor Sleep trailer

19:56 Frozen 2 trailer

23:03 Mysterious Marvel casting HOT SCOOP

28:29 Black Mirror Season 5

54:08 MIB International (Spoilers 1:06:58 - 1:17:17)

1:17:17 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:23:43 Letters It’s Time For Letters

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