Monologue Of The Modern Monk

In The First Ten Minutes Of This Episode, Angel Discusses His Mental Clarity After Our Seven Day Disconnect With The Remaining Episode Comprised Of Several Musical Vignettes With Angel Pondering Technology, Life, The Matrix, Fear And Liberty. If You Find Value In What We Do, Please, Return That Value By Visiting Our TipJar And PayPal Links Or, By Joining Our Local Communities For $3 Or More A Month.

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Musical Intro:
Poppers and Prosecco Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Opening Music Credits:
Decisions by Kevin MacLeod

Lobby Time by Kevin MacLeod

Episode Music By:
ValentinSosnitskiy CC Creative Commons Attribute License

Closing Montage Music:
Lo Fi Hip Hop 02 by WinnieTheMoog

Seagull Sound:
juskiddink CC Creative Commons Attribute License

Beach Surf Sound:
InspectorJ CC Creative Commons Attribute License

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