The Cynics Guide To The Constitution, PT2

In PT2, Angel Finishes His Discussion Of The Constitution With Article 2 And The Clauses That Pique His Interest. Jake Reviews The Articles Of Confederation From An Anarchist Perspective And The Guys Finish With Some Observations About How Our Political Leaders Have Become Disconnected And Seemingly Disillusioned With Their Own Constituents. Oh, Angel, Has An Amusing Conspiracy Theory About The Framers.. Also...If You Find Enjoyment And Value In What We Do, Please Visit Our Donation Links Or Join Our Locals Community For $3 Or More A Month For Exclusives Episodes And Other Sounds And Words.

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Musical Intro:
Poppers and Prosecco Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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Fife and Drum by Kevin MacLeod

Closing Montage:
Take the Lead by Kevin MacLeod

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