Brutal Advice For Young Entrepreneurs

This Was Supposed To Be Our Constitution Episode, But, Angel Found An Online News Article About A Young, Teary-Eyed Solopreneur. Incensed By The Article's Vapid Perspective, Angel Goes Into A Rant That Eventually Spirals Into Bleak, Brutal Advice To Misguided Millennials Who've Believed The Lies Of Their MBA Programs... Also, If You Enjoy Our Work And Find Value In What We Do, Please Visit Our Donation Links, Or Join Our Locals Community For $3 Or More A Month To Get Exclusive Episodes, Skits, Updates And Blogs.

Topics In This Episode: Bubble Tea, Entrepreneurship, Business Advice, Crying, Media Manipulation, Decline In News Relevance, Andrew Yang, Universal Basic Income, Millennial Mindsets, OnlyFans, Feminism

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