Tape #23 - Spookies (feat. The Horror Hangout Podcast)

On this very unique episode of the Trash Tapes, the boys are joined by Luke Kondor and Ben Errington of The Horror Hangout podcast to go monster hunting with the 1986 horror oddity that is 'Spookies'! Come and be confused as this ragtag gang of horror nuts explore this bizarre mashup of a film with every monster under the sun all living under one creepy house! It is a unique experience filled with hard cuts, bad one-liners, gore effects and hilariously bad decisions, all linked together by an incredible backstory behind the production of this horror hot mess! But will the boys find their way out? Who has walked in from a different movie this time? What is with all the farting zombies? Tune in to find out!

To catch more of the Horror Hangout boys, you can listen to their podcast here (https://play.acast.com/s/thehorrorhangout) or to see their YouTube channel here (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUcpstYVsIcczALzwSd6lKg)

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