Tape #20 - Batman and Robin (feat. Sophie Black)

On this very unique episode of the Trash Tapes, the boys are joined by filmmaker Sophie Black from Triskelle Pictures! The trio will be putting on their Lycra suits and prepare for all the ice puns as they tackle the flick that almost killed the Dark Knight film franchise, 'Batman and Robin'. Johann, Ed and Sophie go vine first into this camp fest with puns, bright colours, illogical character development and all the cheese you can find in this hilarious bizarre installment. But can they survive the grasp of Arnie's Mr. Freeze and Uma's Poison Ivy? Should we have avoided this trip to Gotham City? Can we handle ALL the damn plot lines!? Keep on listening to find out in this lost tape episode of the podcast!

To watch Sophie Black's Poison Ivy Fan Film 'Growing Shadows', please check it out here (https://youtu.be/IFMeGWsy3Qk) or to see more from Triskelle Pictures (https://www.triskellepictures.co.uk/)

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