Ep. 42 Justice served cold

For years Alon Aviram and Adam Cantwell-Corn followed a story - a story that took them to dingy warehouses, stake-outs in cars, and undercover work in ice cream vans. This is how the Bristol Cable tracked alleged wrongdoing in one of the city’s well-known businesses.

The multi-award winning investigation took years and had big impact… this is how they did it.

Read all about it: https://thebristolcable.org/2019/05/finally-exposed-how-lopresti-ice-cream-boss-kept-men-in-slave-like-conditions-tenants-and-families-in-squalor-but-people-spoke-out/


Hosted and produced: Maeve McClenaghan

Production support: Alice Miliken

Theme music: Dice Muse

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