Episode 10: A Bit Of The Best of The The One Show Show Season 1

With The One Show on a World-Cup-based-hiatus (apart from us, absolutely no-one - NO-ONE - minds. Not even Alex), it's time for a self-congratulatory trip down memory lane. So ahead of Season 2, it can only be....The Best of The The One Show Show! Thanks to all of our Season 1 guests: Jay Rayner, Cornelius Mendez, Chris Heath, Jon Riley, Dave Cribb, Ellie Clifford, Dan Tetsell, Nico Tatarowicz, Jake Yapp, Joel Morris, John Rain and Julia Raeside. Some of these people don't appear in this Best Of, not because they weren't GREAT but because Marc hasn't saved the relevant episodes on his memory stick. Hands up, this doesn't bode well for the future of saving these priceless audio artefacts for the nation.


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