US Open Day 5 - Christopher Clarey on The Coco Gauff Story, Serena’s Chase For 24, Nick Kyrgios’ Behaviour & Damian Steiner’s Sacking

David Law is joined by esteemed New York Times journalist Christopher Clarey to discuss the major stories from this year’s US Open so far.

They talk about the way in which Coco Gauff’s run is transcending tennis, Serena Williams’s chase for 24, how the sport should deal with Nick Kyrgios, and the reasons behind umpire Damian Steiner's dismissal.

Finally, the best of the action from Friday at Flushing Meadows is wrapped up, including an update on the health of Novak Djokovic’s shoulder, and news of the way in which Daniil Medvedev antagonised the crowd and then thanked them for booing him in an extraordinary post-match interview.

The Tennis Podcast is produced daily during the US Open, in association with Telegraph Sport.

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