Svitolina Stars in Singapore; Federer Wins 99th Title; Agassi and Dimitrov Join Forces

After a few weeks apart, Catherine and David are back together in London for this week’s show, with Elina Svitolina’s sensational title run in Singapore at the top of the agenda. Why did nobody see it coming? Can she now ‘do a Wozniacki’ and go on to win her first Grand Slam next year?

The other major storylines from the WTA Finals are also discussed, including Wozniacki’s rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis.

In Basel, Roger Federer won the 99th title of his career, but what should we make of his week? Did he find form just in time for the ATP Finals or did his run just paper over some cracks?

Elsewhere, the past week featured yet another case of ‘tennis player treats ballkid badly’, this time involving Stefanos Tsitsipas. His behaviour is bemoaned, but his public apology is commended.

As the tour heads to Paris, Nadal and Djokovic are locked in a battle for the World No.1 ranking, but they’re also coming under increasing pressure to cancel their controversial exhibition in Saudi Arabia. They’ve both been talking about the issue, and Catherine and David give their reaction.

In coaching news, Andre Agassi has been spotted in Paris helping out Grigor Dimitrov. Could it be the start of a successful partnership? Can Agassi rebuild his reputation as a coach after a failed stint with Djokovic? Is Dimitrov the perfect pupil? Catherine and David can’t wait to find out.

Finally, there’s time for the long-awaited segment on Tennis Chokes.

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